Spark 21 out now!

Dear comrades & friends,

We are pleased to announce that issue #21 of The Spark!, theoretical and discussion journal of the Communist Party of Canada, has recently been published. The current issue includes a feature article on the ongoing debate around the socialist transition entitled “What is the role of private production in getting to socialism” by Asad Ali, “Why defend public education?” by Jane Bouey (Vancouver COPE School Board Trustee), and a review of Communist energy policy in Canada from 1963 to 2009, along with book reviews, and other features.

This 40-page issue makes for excellent reading, and should be on everyone’s “must have” subscription list.

If you would like to order Issue #21, or – better yet – to subscribe to receive 3 issues (the current issue and the next two upcoming issues, please print out the attached PDF file, complete and mail into our offices today.